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#Green #practises for a #sustainable #meeting. Just a commitment to the #environment

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Here are the best green practices that can be adopted for the organization of your sustainable event.

Reduction and Recycling of Waste:

– documentation: avoid the excesses of paper and use the exact quantity required;

– elimination of plastic bottles;

– collection of lanyards and badges at the end of the event to be used later;

– collection of waste in the common spaces and in the rooms by using containers;

– verification and control of the exact number of coffee breaks and meals to prepare.

Using materials with low environmental impact:

– use of paper Ecolabel and FSC or recycled paper, and ink techniques with low environmental impact;

– selection of gadgets made from natural materials, or recycled;

– preferring for catering menu at km 0 and seasonal products.

Reduction of energy consumption:

– suggesting the use of collective transport (train, bus, plane) or promoting car pooling;

– arranging transfers from the airport and bus station with collective;

– reducing or turn off the lighting when and where needed;

– reducing consumption for heating and cooling of the common areas

The structures that have joined the project Lago Maggiore Green Meeting have agreed to manage event planning by following these best practices to reduce the environmental impact of events.

Even your event can be more green by using the solutions that the structures involved in the Project Lago Maggiore Green Meeting have chosen to follow.

Respecting the environment does not always mean increase organizational costs, it can even help your budget.

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