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Sustainable Meetings: when technology matters

Green planet

Thanks to the internet and the new technologies, to held a green event is becoming easier and more affordable.
Here you can find some useful example of how technology can give a contribution in organizing sustainable meetings, conferences and seminars.

Preparation and promotion
Some years ago, a meeting preparatory phase could be environmentally costly.
Instead of receiving paper brochures and meeting facility directories, now people can use free online databases to find out the best place to hold a meeting. There’s no more need to collect big folders full of documents: informations are constantly available online.
Nowadays it’s possible to book structures directly online, both contacting meeting centers or going through specialized companies such as Meeting Broker and Worktropia.

When a location is chosen and all the details are settled, the promotion phase starts.
Thanks to the web it’s possible to promote meetings and events through email marketing campaigns: a way to reach a targeted public without wasting paper.
Another good promotional opportunity is to involve well-knows bloggers, so as to reach a bigger audience.
On the organizational side, the web provides opportunities to manage easily bookings, payments and accommodation.

At every seminar and event we were used to receive big amounts of paper. Today many structures offer a wireless connection and the documents are no more printed: they’re available online, together with course notes and forums where to discuss events’ and seminars’ content.
Thanks to streaming a bigger audience can be reached without implying the ecological footprint of transportation and accommodation.
Registration of speeches represents a further opportunity to reach a bigger audience, using Youtube or putting videos on a website.

Post event
Evaluation of attendees satisfaction is becoming widespread. For an enterprise is very important to have a feedback on events and meetings. Now there are web-based tools to measure the perceived value of every initiative.

Of course, there are many other fields where technology can help in organize greener events: from building heating and cooling to ecological supply chains, nowadays there are hundreds of opportunities to save energy and to significantly reduce an event’s impact.

To know and exploit technology is the first step to gain efficiency and to develop a fully sustainable meeting industry.


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