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And what about a flowerbed in Stresa?!


all.2We do not know how the idea came to our minds on a sunny day of May 2012, when an important Italian Bank asked Sapori d’Italia to organize an unforgettable stay starting from the Langhe and ending with a bang in Stresa. Event theme “Inspire” … and following “inspiration” we created a tailor made programme, in full respect, protection and preservation of the environment that surrounds us.

A few words about Sapori d’Italia and Lago Maggiore Green Meeting:

When Italian Chamber of Commerce of Baveno proposed us to be part of Lake Maggiore Green Meeting, the request was immediately adopted by Sapori d’Italia, events and incoming agency in Stresa.
Sapori d’Italia’s new motto “A lake to love” is dedicated to our gorgeous, natural, famous but still wild and unknown region. The aim of Lago Maggiore Green Meeting is absolutely welcomed and shared because the locations where we operate are mostly Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta, Italy, Langhe and Roero.
Back to our “Inspire”event!
1st stop Turin, discover the elegant “living room” of Italy, on foot, from “Museo del cinema” to a chocolate tasting ! Diligently and rigorously using the concept of Km0.
2nd stop Langhe : “Banca del Vino”, centre of storage and refinement for best wines of Italy and in the afternoon the “truffle-hunt”, feeling the scent of a centuries old tradition
3rd stop Lake Maggiore : a cooking lesson, a way to learn how to cook with local products, and in the afternoon the “flowerbed”.

all.1We received the permission of a sumptuous hotel in Stresa, member of Lago Maggiore Green Meeting, to use a part of its garden to create our “inspire-flowerbed”.
Plants and flowers, coming from nurseries of the region, mostly acidophil plants exploiting the favourable climatic conditions of Lake Maggiore. Experienced gardeners teaching whilst helping participants in hoeing, fertilizing and finally planting! The result had to conform to already existing context and give the random observant the feeling of it being a part of same design!



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