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Aware of the impact that the conference industry can have on the equilibrium of social, cultural and ecological systems on both the local and global level, Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry has launched a plan inspired by the values of sustainability – approved and funded by the European Community – which mission over the course of the next three years is to promote environmentally low-impact events and conferences: Lago Maggiore Green Meeting. The entire Lago Maggiore area aims to enhance and preserve the quality of local environment and landscape, to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources and to adopt environmentally-friendly principles. Lago Maggiore Green Meetings’ objective is to create a chain of suppliers that, following a code of conduct based on the most successful international experience, can guarantee to the final client an environmentally responsible event based on these three principles: sustainable event management through an organizational process that reduces environmental impact; innovation and quality in the research for new solutions following the “green meeting” model; partnerships and commitment to develop a network of products and professional services geared towards sustainability.

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  1. […] network of businesses that make up the Lago Maggiore Green Meeting initiative was formed a year ago. Each of these operators has committed itself to a green code of conduct […]

  2. […] of the Zacchera Hotel Group all organise environmentally friendly meetings and participate in the Lago Maggiore Green Meeting initiative. The Lago Maggiore region is the first sustainable congress destination in Italy and Switzerland […]

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