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Zacchera Hotels: when luxury meets sustainability


Lago Maggiore has many assets to attract meetings and events: a wonderful territory, full of natural richness and at the same time well connected to airports, railways and autoroutes.
But there is another important reason to chose Lago Maggiore as a meeting location: the availability of many qualified Hotels and Resorts to fulfill any exigence in terms of hospitality and comfort.
Zacchera Hotels, for instance, has a complete offer of luxury structures, fully integrated into the environment.
Grand Hotel Dino, Hotel Simplon, Hotel Splendid, Grand Hotel Bristol are beautiful buildings facing Lago Maggiore.
Each hotel can offer excellent meeting facilities equipped with the newest technologies.
Grand Hotel Dino, for instance, has a 4500 square meters congress centre, with 38 meeting rooms (each one customizable) and 40 room-studio.
Hotel Splendid, the first structure opened by the Zacchera Family, was built in 1873. Completely refurbished in 2011, now it can offer 7 meeting rooms, each one containing as far as 120 people.
Zacchera Hotels are pleasant places for high level business meetings: each hotel has its own facilities, from swimming pools to refined Italian restaurants, from beauty centers to wonderful gardens.
Here, luxury meets sustainability: Hotel Simplon and Hotel Splendid have already obtained the European EMAS audit, while the other structures arenow fulfilling the requirements to reach this important certification.

Every Zacchera Hotel devotes full attention to green best practices.

From the use of renewable energies (swimming pools are warmed up through photovoltaic systems) to an accurate waste management, these hotels can offer a very high standard in terms of sustainability.

An approach that reflects the wish to integrate in a delicate, precious ecosystem.

Zacchera Hotels use only Ecolabel products to clean up, thus reducing the emissions related to the use of chemical products.

To held a meeting in Zacchera Hotels means to offer a qualified and careful hospitality, while respecting the surrounding beauty of Lago Maggiore.

Grand Hotel Dino Garibaldi 20 – 28831 – Baveno -VB
tel +39 0323922201 – fax +39 0323923928

Hotel Simplon Garibaldi 52 – 28831 – Baveno . VB
tel. +39 0323 32601 – fax +39 0323 33622

Hotel Splendid
SS Sempione 10 – 28831 Baveno – VB
tel +39 0323 924583 – fax +39 0323 924515

Grand Hotel Bristol Umberto I 63 – 28838 Stresa VB
tel +39 0323 32601 – fax +39 0323 33622


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