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Ville Ponti Congress Center: sustainability and charme


th-rsz-Villa-Andrea_notturna_34Close to Varese, easingly reachable but at the same time plunged into the green, Ville Ponti Congress Center is the right place to hold a green event.
Composed by three beautiful ancient buildings, the complex has adhered to the “Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry” green code and therefore can offer a complete serie of sustainable services.

th-Campiotti_ferrocavallo_3The three structures composing the Center (Villa Andrea, Villa Napoleonica and La Selleria) provide 23 meeting rooms of different dimensions surrounded by 56 000 square meters of park. The biggest room contains up to 400 people.
The complex has implemented the more modern technologies available so as to provide a complete range of ecofriendly services.

Under the claim “Techno Charme” Ville Ponti offers at the same time high standards accommodation in fascinating historical buildings and fully customizable meeting facilities.Villa-Napoleonica_secondo-piano_Manica-Lunga

The green commitment concerns all the meeting phases, from preparatory steps to the post-congress activity.

Among the measures adopted, Ville Ponti choses seasonal territorial products for the meetings’ meals and recycles efficiently the waste.
The complex is provided with a recharger for electric cars and has a water-saving program to reduce the meetings’ impact on the surrounding environment.

Ville Ponti Congress Center’s objective is to provide first-classes services while, at the same time, contribute to the growth of a sustainable green events’ pole together with the other structures adhering to the “Varese Total Green” Chart.

Among the main principles stated by the Chart, the will to spread the culture of a sustainable and socially responsible managing in the territory and to promote a collaboration between different actors in the local meeting industry. To chose Ville Ponti, therefore, means to sustain a wider project of green development.


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