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Villa Claudia dal Pozzo: the #event on #lakemaggiore is #green


villa claudiaVilla Claudia dal Pozzo was a wedding present from Ferdinando Arborio, Duke of Sartirana, Marquis of Breme, to his wife Luisa Dal Pozzo della Cisterna, in 1827. It was their home when residing on Lake Maggiore and still belongs to the Dal Pozzo d’Annone family, who have striven to maintain intact its original distinctive style.

This Hotel joined Lago Maggiore Green meeting Project by implementing and adopting a list of good sustainable practises for the planning of meetings of every sort.

Here below the list of the green practises you can comply for your green meeting and events at Villa Claudia dal Pozzo:


– we adopt water and energy-saving practices
– we employ renewable energy sources
– we use low consumption Electrical and Electronic Equipment
– we use  Ecolabel certified products
– we use detergents with low  environmental impact
– we adopt a plan for green purchasing
– we involve staff and guests about water and energy savings.

– We offer seasonal and typical products
– we provide information on the origin of food and drink and recipes proposals
– we calculate the exact number of guests to avoid waste.

– We provide minibus / bus for the transport of the participants
– we provide information to the guests on the use of cycle paths

– we mainly use a digital based information and communication system
– We use recycled paper or paper Ecolabel or FSC
– we prefer low environmental impact system and device for the printing of materials
– We provide eco-compatible accessories, welcome kits for guests, suitable to be reused

– We manage our waste properly
– We do not use disposable products
– We minimize packaging
– we prefer the reuse of used packaging

Should you need to plan a sustainable meeting on the Lake Maggiore, and wish more information, here is the contact detail: Claudia Dal Pozzo d’Annone


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