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Grand Hotel Majestic on Lake Maggiore, a polyvalent structure for green business meetings and events


Grand Hotel Majestic on Lake Maggiore,  is a 4 stars hotel that can provide 46 double rooms and 34 suites.
This historical structure, with its unique Belle Epoque style, has been constructed back into 1870 and it can offer luxury accommodation, combining tradition and modernity.
With its wonderful view on Lake Maggiore landscape, it offers a fascinating location and can guarantee a commitment in terms of sustainability.
Thanks to its remarkable polyvalence, Grand Hotel Majestic is the perfect place to hold events such as business meetings, ceremonies and parties.
The hotel can provide 5 big halls: beautiful rooms in ancient style, fit both for congress, seminars and private events.
Surrounded by a beautiful park and facing the Borromee Islands, Grand Hotel Majestic offers a wide range of sustainable services. Since 2007 the Majestic is among Legambiente advised hotels, a recognition of a long-time green orientation.

Now it adheres to Lago Maggiore Green Meeting and, therefore, is committed in reducing the environmental impact at every stage of an event’s organization.

Waste reduction and recycle: correct evaluation of the amount of brochures needed during an event, elimination of plastic bottles, collection and reuse of badges, reduction of food waste.
Low environmental impact: use of recycled materials both for informative brochures and gadgets, catering based on local products so as to avoid long distances transportation.
Reduced energy consumption: Majestic Hotel incentivize the use of public and shared means of transport and has adopted technical solutions so as the reduce the consumptions both for illumination and heating.

Last but not least, Hotel Majestic has adopted an awareness campaign so as to involve the guests in a more sustainable lifestyle (for instance allowing people to chose whether to request daily laundry or not).

The Hotel can offer not only high standing structures and services (including a variety of remarkable restaurants), but also the opportunity to visit a modern Wellness Centre overlooking the wonderful English Garden and the lake.

After a two-days long business meeting, what could be better than relaxing  in the comfortable steam bath or to take a ride outside, in the surrounding territory?

During spring and summer, moreover, guests can take advantage of the beautiful private beach and of the well-finished garden.

Grand Hotel Majestic is the perfect place to hold a wide range of events, plunging in the refined Belle Epoque atmosphere released by this historical location.


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