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Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry is a conference destination, situated in one of the most beautiful scenic destinations that Italy can boast thanks to the breathtaking natural basin of blue waters set within a ring of mountains. Conceived as a cross-border project (interregional) by Chambers of Commerce, ATL and local authorities, private operators, trade associations and Convention Bureaus across the three provinces of Verbania, Novara, Varese and, on the Swiss side, Locarno; it is an Italian-Swiss partnership aimed at promoting a homogeneous territory (Lago Maggiore) in the meetings and events market.

Lago Maggiore Conference, Varese Convention & Visitors Bureau and Locarno’s Ente Turistico Lago Maggiore are all operatively involved in meeting the following objectives: encouraging the coordinated promotion of conference locations across the territory and strengthening the MICE sector by offering unified communication and an integrated, accessible system. With over four and a half million visitors in 2011 (4,671,578), more than half of whom are foreigners, the Lago Maggiore area – united under the aegis of Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry – can offer in the accommodation and conference sector almost 16,700 rooms in 410 hotels, from three to five stars, and more than 50,000 seats distributed across 517 rooms.

See the video brochure

        Download Brochure Catalogo-VCVB-2011


Download Brochure Sales_Manual_2011-12 ascona locarno


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