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#Villa Claudia dal Pozzo: location of a #greenmovie

ISTITUZIONALE VILLA CLAUDIA ORIZZONTALEThe historic Villa Claudia, property of the Marquis Dal Pozzo, has joined the project Lago Maggiore Green Meeting, adopting best practices for reducing the environmental impact in the organization of events.

Through measures such as the reduction and recycling of waste, use of raw materials with low environmental impact and the reduction of energy consumption, the suggestive location of Belgirate is committed to respecting the environment.

The commitment of Villa Claudia and the destination Lake Maggiore has also been awarded by the Italian cinema: the famous trio “Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo” and the production house Agidi Srl, also engaged in the creation of movies at low environmental impact, have chosen Villa Claudia as the location for some filming of their new movie, “The rich, the poor and the butler“, directed by Morgan Bertacca and in cinemas from December 11.

The environmentally friendly choices of managers and directors of the beautiful estate of Belgirate have made it possible to bring on the big screens of Italy the beautiful reality of Villa Claudia and Lake Maggiore.

The latter reinforces its commitment to nature, creating vacation spots and working to offer the best services, but keeping an eye on the environment and its preservation.

Source: http://illagomaggiore.comSALA VIRGINIA DAL POZZO 2

CONTACT Claudia Dal Pozzo d’Annone
Tel.: +39 349 5269554







The shores of Lago Maggiore finally feel a shift towards lovely weather; one begins to see horizons that bring hope for a beautiful season. A popular destination for meetings and conferences at the highest levels, the lakeshore areas – especially those areas touching on the provinces of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola and Novara, Varese and the Swiss shores of Locarno – feel the benefits of an economic recovery originating in the Northern European countries. The clientele, coming from Scandinavia, Denmark, and other countries that love the Lakes, has returned to choose the structures ofLago Maggiore Meeting Industry, created thanks to a joint agreement between Swiss and Italian tourism promotion bodies (Chambers of Commerce, Provinces, Local Tourist Agencies, Convention Bureaus and Associations), to organize their engagements. “It’s been an excellent May, such as we haven’t seen for the last three or four years – Andrea Zacchera asserts with satisfaction. Finally we can register a strong recovery for the MICE industry from abroad, although we must overcome the lack of trust that foreigners have regarding our Country for reasons of which everyone is aware. However, we can say that, thanks to our climate, the beauty, and above all, to the services that we are able to offer – our flagship – their faith has been renewed”. There are more than just a few Companies that, once they’ve discovered Lago Maggiore’s offer, willingly return year after year, reconfirming the location’s attractiveness. They are caring for service and professionalism to reward, as pointed out by Gianluigi Mariani, director of the Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromées&Spa: “Our Wellness Center is a great success with a clientele that is increasingly attentive to the professionalism and the quality of the product, but the MICE sector that caters to 5 star has not shown a great deal of activity, even if the business indicators show a weak recovery. With the exception of the Russians, there are still few companies that “dare” to book luxury facilities such as ours; for the moment sobriety is the watchword, and consequently our category is suffering. However, some encouraging signs are coming from the individual market. In this area the Russians also demonstrate strong purchasing power. The month of April has shown very good results. There are many reasons, good weather, the Easter “highpeak” and the Salone del Mobile in Milan that always draw many tourists to the lake; we have also seen the benefits of some internet marketing upon which we’ve embarked”.

Anyone wishing to organize a conference which unites the elegance of the location, the beauty of its landscapes, Italian good taste and good living with hospitality structures that are environmentally sensitive and efficient, can choose from amongst 410 hotels from three to five stars with nearly 16,700 rooms and more than 50,000 seats distributed over 517 meeting/conference rooms that Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry provides. With an eye to the environment: in fact, it is the first destination – aware of the impact that the conference industry can have on the eco-systemic and sociocultural balance at a local and a global level – to have launched a plan inspired by the values of sustainability, approved and funded by the European Community, and for the promotion of events and conferences with low environmental impact.

Set up two years ago, the product Lago Maggiore Green Meeting – a chain of suppliers with a code of conduct based on the best international experiences, to guarantee the final customer an event carried out with respect for the environment – that has the goal of motivating participants with a series of awareness and training seminars, on the basis of three principles: sustainable event management through an organizational process that reduces environmental impact; innovation and quality; partnership that represents a commitment to develop a network of professional products and services geared toward sustainability. The code proposes concrete and measurable actions to reduce the environmental impact to service providers, organizers and participants. The creation of a Green Meeting on Lago Maggiore is oriented towards reducing: energy and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, waste and the use of materials, all whilst taking into account all the activities and services: location management, hospitality, food and beverage/catering, transport, leisure activities, events, communications and marketing.


programma_20def4_20SAVE_20THE_20FOOD_205_20giugno_202014_20 (1)-page-001 (1)



The conference sector’s contribution

Grand Hotel Dino, Baveno VB THURSDAY JUNE 5, 2014 – hours 9:30 – 13:00

The next 5th of June a conference dedicated to waste reduction and the sharing of food abundance, will be held on Lake Maggiore. After the success it found in Milan, some conference hotels and restaurants, partners of the Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry Project, started the testing of food retrieving and re-distribution, in fellowship with Banco Alimentare, one of the most important charity istitutions for food distribution in Italy. An update on national policies to fight against food waste will be presented by PINPAS, co-ordinated by Andrea Segrè, president of Last Minute Market.

For a more fair present and to guarantee new generations a bright future, waste reduction is fundamental. Our resources are limited and we are all called upon to make a contribution; both private and professional choices that we make every day can make the difference. The world of events can also contribute to waste reduction in many areas. For the first time, a conference destination is putting into play the subject of waste reduction and the sharing of food abundance by organizing, in collaboration with theFondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus and Last Minute Market – and sponsored by Federcongressi and Expo2015 – the conference: “SAVE THE FOOD – the conference sector’s contribution”, to be held at Grand Hotel Dino in Baveno, on June 5th 2014. Lago Maggiore Green Meeting Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry’s project, created thanks to a joint agreement between Swiss and Italian tourism promotion bodies (Chambers of Commerce, Provinces, Local Tourist Agencies, Convention Bureaus and Associations) – continues its work in organizing events with reduced environmental impact and introduces measures that will be adopted for the reduction of food waste at meetings, conferences and incentives. Together with Banco Alimentare they stated experimenting by gathering unused breakfast foods from the Grand Hotel Dino in Baveno, and the Regina Palace Hotel and Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées in Stresa, such as: bread, cakes, pastries and cookies left over from breakfast, which are to be picked up by a Charity, and consumed by its guests ont hat same day. The initiative falls within the Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus’ “Siticibo” program – established in Milan in 2003 as the first Italian application of Law 155/2003 (the so-called Good Samaritan Law) in order to retrieve surplus fresh and cooked food from organized catering (hotels, company and hospital canteens, school lunchrooms and businesses) and, since 2009, also collecting food surpluses from large retail outlets. In 2013, in the city of Milan alone, Siticibo – which works with 33 canteens, 99 school lunchrooms and 3 hotels – collected 225,000 portions of cooked food, more than 68 tons of baked goods and 102 tons of fruit.

Save the Food” will take place on World Environment Day that this year dedicates particular attention to the themes of sustainability and the fight against food waste. Andrea Segrè, President of Last Minute Market and Co-ordinator of PINPAS, is scheduled to attend the conference with a video contribution. It will be a worthwhile occasion for Baveno, to be put forward into the guidelines and milestones of the first national plan for preventing food waste in Italy, launched at the end of 2013, and to be in full swing by November 2014. Among its primary goals, PINPAS takes up some requests from the European Parliament Resolution 2012: halving food waste by 2025, and urging the establishment of a European year against food waste. PINPAS aims to produce practical, effective solutions in terms of reducing – at the source – the amount of food that ends up as “waste” over the short, medium and long term. The aim is to achieve by 2020 a 5% reduction per unit of GDP of municipal waste, 10% of hazardous waste and 5% of special waste.

With this initiative, Lago Maggiore is again confirmed as the first “sustainable” MICE destination on the Italian and Swiss market. On this occasion the guidelines for food and waste reduction in events, tests performed by the hospitality structures of the region, and other best practices applied by the Companies of the area will be presented.

The event, which will be followed by an aperitif of local, seasonal products from the territorry, named Kilometre Zero in Italian, is organized in co-operation with the Lago Maggiore Green Meeting Partners, following the best practices to reduce environmental impact by avoiding the use of disposable materials, paper (from invitations to presentations, all of the material is available online), taking care to avoid waste, and reducing as much as possible the number of transfers, as in previous events held in compliance with the Green Meeting code of conduct. For example, through the website created for the event you can carpool by accessing the carpooling websites of Autostrade and Blablacar or indicate your availability to offer a ride or interest in accepting one.

With its splendid panoramic view of the Borromean Islands and the surrounding mountains, the chosen location for the conference is Grand Hotel Dino, which has taken part in the Green Meeting program from the very beginning, carrying out numerous modifications to the building (heating, cooling and lighting systems) that have reduced the structure’s environmental impact. Grand Hotel Dino is currently waiting to receive its EMAS certification.

The project “Green Meetings by the Blue Waters Lake” – co-financed by Interreg Italia Svizzera, places at the center of Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry’s development policies all of the varied aspects of the word “green”: landscape, social, cultural and environmental. Aware of the impact that the conference industry can have on the eco-systems and socio-cultural balance both at a local and global level, Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry intends to contribute to the development of an integrated system of conference offers inspired by the values of sustainability. The Lago Maggiore Green Meeting Code of Conduct, developed on the foundation of the best international experiences, is the starting point for future actions on the part of promotional agencies aimed at encouraging Member Companies to work towards achieving internationally accredited certifications in the green meeting sector (BS 8901, ISO 20121, GRI Sector Supplement for Events).Thanks to this program, on Lago Maggiore MICE operators can rely on a chain of suppliers who, by adhering to the code of conduct, guarantee the final customer an event carried out with respect for the environment on the basis of three principles: sustainable event management through an organizational process that reduces environmental impact; innovation and quality in researching new solutions that follow the “green meeting” model; partnership – a commitment to develop a network of professional products and services geared toward sustainability. The project proposes Lago Maggiore as a point of reference to encourage the coordinated promotion of the territory’s offer for conferences, with the aim of strengthening the MICE sector by providing the market with unified communication and an integrated and accessible system for the organization of eco-friendly meetings.

All of this taking place within the breathtaking scenery of the immense blue water basin surrounded by a crown of mountains that, throughout history, has intrigued famous personalities like Alessandro Manzoni, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Friedrich Nietzsche, Honoré de Balzac, Giacomo Casanova, Gabriele D’Annunzio with Eleonora Duse, Alexandre Dumas, Gustave Flaubert, Richard Wagner, Giacomo Puccini, Arturo Toscanini and Ernest Hemingway. They, like us, were captured by the richness and the power of nature surrounding Lake Maggiore, but also by the elegance of the luxurious villas, beautiful gardens and five Unesco sites that dot the lake shores creating an unparalleled feast for the eye.

Streaming. Those unable to participate in person will be able to follow the June 5th events in streaming and post comments and questions to the presenters.

For additional information:

To register:

MEETINGS, INCENTIVES and EVENTS at the ‪#‎ZaccheraHotels‬

At the Zacchera Hotels: Grand Hotel Dino, Grand Hotel Bristol, Hotel Simplon, Hotel Splendid, indoor and outdoor areas have been designed specifically for corporate ‪#‎meetings‬ or private ‪#‎events‬ and celebrations. Wheter you are planning a ‪#‎wedding‬, a top board meeting, an employe ‪#‎incentive‬, or just a ‪#‎conference‬, the Zacchera Hotels properties combine a truly original style with competence and cutting edge technology. At your disposal a dedicated Events Department with professional team trained to deal with individual requirements helping your plan the whole event from the conception to the implementation.
Our handsome spaces are fully equipped with extensive facilities creating the perfect enviroment for all types of events from celebrations to multimedia presentations.


First “green” educational for European buyers organised by LAGO MAGGIORE MEETING INDUSTRY

A special educational last month aimed at European MICE operators was organised by the Verbano-Cusio-Ossola Chamber of Commerce, in close collaboration with Lago Maggiore Conference and linked to the Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry. The event allowed attendees to enjoy the beauty of the area and above all to experience first hand the opportunities this destination offers the international meeting industry along with their ‘Green meeting’ ideas.  RAM Org arranged for 5 buyers to attend representing the UK MICE market.

The initiative is part of a cross-border cooperative project between Italy and Switzerland called “Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry: Green Meeting by the Blue-Waters’ Lake“. The goal of the project is to form a chain of operators, adhering to a code of conduct based on international best practices, in order to ensure the end customer an environmentally friendly event. Three principles are held by all parties involved: sustainable event management; innovation and seeking new, quality solutions that adhere to the “green meeting” model. Suppliers of the various services for the educational event – from hotels to restaurants to transportation – were asked to use local products procured at 0 km, avoid the use of disposable materials, and take care to avoid waste.  Even the paper material used for the educational program was FSC-certified paper!

The 16 buyers from UK, France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland were welcomed at the Grand Hotel des Isles Borromèes at Stresa, with a workshop event the next morning at Stresa’s Grand Hotel Bristol.  Over the following days the guests were able to discover how much the destination had to offer in terms of hospitality structures, (4* and 5*), and the multitude of services. In particular an utterly Italian experience: Marco Sacco, the star chef of Piccolo Lago restaurant of 2 Michelin stars, located on the enchanting Mergozzo Lake – held a cooking lesson focused on the preparation of a complete dinner that the guests were then able to taste.

Other hotels visited included Regina Place Hotel, The Grand Hotel Dino, Hotel Splendid, Grand Hotel Majestic – plus a boat tour of the Palace and Gardens of Isola Bella, local wine tasting from the Novara area, the medieval village of San Guilo, and a final stop at the Volandia flight museum before departing from Milan Malpensa airport.

Source: RAM Org UK

RAM Org are the UK point of contact for Lake Maggiore Meeting Industry. Judy Till from RAM says “How often are organizers looking for a ‘different’ European destination that is still accessible yet can tick the boxes be it for city, resort, 4* and 5* hotels, good facilities, yet serene and inspiring views?  Lake Maggiore has it all”. What the clients thought:

“Despite a hectic schedule, it was fruitful and Lake Maggiore is a great location but you have to be quite picky with the hotels.  I am considering it for a 2015 group as it would provide a real contrast from next years event in Turkey, and offer some stunning scenery, plus I know first hand how good the pasta and wine is!  Helene from Avenue Events.

“It really was a fantastic trip and a great opportunity to see a destination that is in such a good location for groups coming in from all over EMEA that we hadn’t really considered until this year. The workshop on Friday morning was really useful, overall a great mix between educational side alongside the activities.  The scenery there is just beautiful and the highlight was definitely the cooking activity in the 2 Michelin star restaurant, what a great experience for groups!”  Louise from Image Events.



#Lago_d’Orta, the little sister of #LagoMaggiore

ISOLA-DI-SAN-GIULIO-NO-1024x687With a size of 18 square kilometres Lago d’Orta is the little sister of Lago Maggiore which is nearly twelve times bigger and lies a car drive of 20 minutes eastwards. The pearl in the region of Piedmont convinces visitors with its cultural treasuries. The lake elongates from south to north and is surrounded by a tremendous landscape with rare villages. In the biggest village Omegna at the northern end of the lake you can find festivals and self-made kitchenware. The Lago d’Orta area features various meetings facilities in its charming ancient village Orta San Giulio………… CONTINUE READING 



#LakeMaggiore presents a renewed proposal at #BTC


Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry kicks off with the new conference hall seating 650 people in Regina Palace in Stresa. On 14th November, this hall will host the third leg of the women’s Giro d’Italia, an event dedicated to tourism, tinged with a hint of green for the occasion. The area is becoming increasingly greener, thanks to awards won by Verbania and the Valgrande and Veglia Devero parks.

BTC’s first event in Florence on 12th and 13th November will focus on green meetings, crowdsourcing, new technology and much more. Among the most important participants that will be present in this events exhibition will beLago Maggiore Meeting Industry, established as a result of an Italian-Swiss agreement between the tourist promotion agencies in the area (Chambers of Commerce, Provincial Authorities, Local Tourism Agencies, Convention Bureaus and Associations). Its position as the first “sustainable” conference destination in the Italian and Swiss market has been confirmed once more thanks to the Lago Maggiore Green Meeting project launched at the previous edition of the event.

Designed to encourage the coordinated promotion of conference facilities available within the territory with the aim of strengthening the MICE sector, presenting itself in the market with a single voice and an integrated and accessible system, the project presents Lake Maggiore as a point of reference for the organisation of green meetings. MICE operators can therefore depend on a chain of operators that observe a code of conduct based on international best practices and can therefore provide end customers with an event created with respect for the environment based on three principles: sustainable event management through an organisation process that reduces the impact on the environment; innovation and quality in the search for new solutions for the “green meeting” model; partnership, that is to say commitment to the development of a network of products and professional services focused on sustainability.

Those wishing to organise a conference that combines an elegant location, beautiful landscapes and the Italian style and good life with facilities that are efficient and sensitive to the environment can choose from 410 three to five-star hotels with almost 16,700 rooms and seating for more than 50,000 people, distributed over 517 meeting rooms. Added to this is the new Conference Hall of over six hundred square metres in the Regina Palace Hotel in Stresa. A sumptuous hall, well furnished and fully equipped that can accommodate more than 650 people. On 14th November, the hotel, which is one of the destination’s flagships, will host the third leg of Giro d’Italia delle donne che fanno impresa“. For this sixth edition, this event, promoted by Unioncamere in cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce and Committees for the promotion of women’s entrepreneurship together with the Chamber of Commerce of VCO Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, focuses on tourism and sectors revolving around it. For this reason the event has been organised locally by the committees in cooperation with Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry, so in Stresa the women’s Giro d’Italia will also be tinged with green and its theme will be Women and Sustainability.

The area has recently received two important awards related to protection of the environment:

Verbania has once again received recognition from Legambiente: it has always ranked highly for the quality of the environment in small cities, it came second in the twentieth edition of «Ecosistema urbano», a report published by Legambiente, Ambiente Italia and Il Sole 24 Ore presented last October 29th. For separate waste collection Verbania scored more than 70% (72.8%, it was 72.1% the previous year), coming second only to Pordenone. There has been an improvement in the number of people using public transport and it has recorded a constant increase in the amount of urban areas reserved for pedestrians and bicycles.

– the Parco Nazionale Valgrande and Parco Veglia Devero parks have obtained the highly regarded “European Charter for Sustainable Tourism” (CETS) certification, awarded to the two parks last November 6th at the headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels.

#Verbania’s restaurant Il Portale awarded with #MichelinStar

Pallanza, Verbania. Copyright: LMMI

Restaurant Il Portale, among the five restaurants proposed by the Lago Maggiore Conference, can now show up for being a starred restaurant: Chef Massimiliano Celeste has been awarded a Michelin Star. The prize recognizes highly sophisticated work, passion and quality of the products and service of the restaurant.

The dining location lies in Pallanza, a district in the city of Verbania. It hosts up to 90 guests – 40 inside, 50 outside – and presents an almost totally green cuisine with regional products. The location offers a beautiful panorama view over the square of Pallanza. continue reading


#Lagomaggiore #MeetingIndustry hosts “GIRO D’ITALIA DELLE DONNE CHE FANNO IMPRESA 2013

gdirosaIn Stresa, the women’s Giro d’Italia will be tinged with a hint of green:


Donne per la sostenibilità” (Women for sustainability) is the name that has been given to the third leg of the tour, which this year is dedicated to promoting the female side of tourism as a means for developing businesses and entrepreneurship in Italy.

Thursday 14th November, Stresa will play host to the third leg of Giro d’Italia delle donne che fanno impresa, a tour of Italy promoted by Unioncamere in cooperation with the chambers of commerce and committees for the promotion of women’s entrepreneurship, which started off in Naples on 6th November. This travelling show is designed to promote women’s entrepreneurship and provide an opportunity for shared reflection on the world of women’s business.The theme of the sixth edition of the tour is tourism and sectors that revolve around it such as handcrafts, Made in Italy, food and wine and social and responsible tourism, which is why the event is organised locally by the committees in cooperation with Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry.

The leg of the roadshow – designed to facilitate meetings and provide an opportunity to present ideas and exchange experiences – that will be held at the Regina Palace Hotel in Stresa ( is entitled “Donne per la sostenibilità” (Women for sustainability), as Lake Maggiore was the first place in Italy to set itself the objective of offering environmentally sustainable meetings and conferences. The women involved – business women and representatives of the territorial systemwill therefore talk about sustainability, sharing their own experiences in relation to the subjects of tourism, social responsibility and food. Presentations and proposals designed to highlight the desire to encourage women’s entrepreneurship in tourism, responding effectively to the needs expressed by business women and women employed in this sector.

The event will give participants a chance to enjoy the attractions and opportunities that the destination has to offer and experience a taste of Green Meetings. The initiative takes place as part of an Italian-Swiss cross-border cooperation project entitled “Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry: Green Meeting by the blue waters’ lake”, which involves the tourism promotion agencies for the area encompassing Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta, Novara and the territory of Varese and Locarno. The aim of the project is to form a chain of operators that, observing a code of conduct drawn from international best practices, offer final clients an event created with respect for the environment. Partners involved are required to adhere to three principles: sustainable management of events; innovation and quality in the search for new solutions for the “green meeting” model; partnership, that is to say commitment to developing a network of products and professional services geared towards sustainability. Suppliers of the various services – from hotels to restaurants and transport providers – are asked to use local, zero-mile produce, avoid the use of disposable materials, take care to avoid waste and use materials made from FSC certified paper.

#Lagomaggiore MI and #Green Meeting at #EIBTM 2013

Logo Lago Maggiore Green Meeting

Lago Maggiore as a destination expresses its mission by participating in the event in a “green” way: choosing sustainable procedures beginning with the stand’s concept.

From November 19th to 21st  the conference destination Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry and Green Meeting, takes part, for the fifth consecutive year, in Barcelona’s EIBTM, the most important worldwide appointment for meetings and events: three days of targeted contacts in a dynamic and professional working environment for all of the MICE sector business.

On the occasion of EIBTM Lago Maggiore MI and Green Meeting will have the opportunity to meet prospect new customers, even supported by a wide organization of several moments of relationships building, dinners, cocktails and workshops.

Visitors at EIBTM will immediately notice that Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry and Lago Maggiore Green Meeting are certified participants in the“20 Sustainable Actions” initiative: their presence at this event conforms to many of the twenty sustainability rules proposed by EIBTM. Indeed, EIBTM supports several programs and activities connected to sustainability in order to inform and involve its stakeholders, including the Sustainable Stand Award and a three-day educational project featuring experts in the field.  Its goal is continual improvements in the processes in order to become ever more sustainable by reducing water and energy consumption, emissions, waste and transport use.

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