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#Villa Claudia dal Pozzo: location of a #greenmovie

ISTITUZIONALE VILLA CLAUDIA ORIZZONTALEThe historic Villa Claudia, property of the Marquis Dal Pozzo, has joined the project Lago Maggiore Green Meeting, adopting best practices for reducing the environmental impact in the organization of events.

Through measures such as the reduction and recycling of waste, use of raw materials with low environmental impact and the reduction of energy consumption, the suggestive location of Belgirate is committed to respecting the environment.

The commitment of Villa Claudia and the destination Lake Maggiore has also been awarded by the Italian cinema: the famous trio “Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo” and the production house Agidi Srl, also engaged in the creation of movies at low environmental impact, have chosen Villa Claudia as the location for some filming of their new movie, “The rich, the poor and the butler“, directed by Morgan Bertacca and in cinemas from December 11.

The environmentally friendly choices of managers and directors of the beautiful estate of Belgirate have made it possible to bring on the big screens of Italy the beautiful reality of Villa Claudia and Lake Maggiore.

The latter reinforces its commitment to nature, creating vacation spots and working to offer the best services, but keeping an eye on the environment and its preservation.

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