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#Events on #Lago Maggiore: LetterAltura 2013


lm1It is already available on the website of LetterAltura the complete program of the 2013 edition of the festival of mountain literature, adventure and travel that takes place for the seventh consecutive year in the VCO and (this year) on Lake Orta.

Four are the main themes of the 2013 edition of the itinerant festival: mountaineering, alpine landscapes and architecture, the bee and its role in the economy of mountain, the honey as guaranteed product of our territories, and CAI 150.

Many are the events of this seventh edition, including meetings with authors,shows and creative workshops, and many are the national and international guests. These are some of the names that will make their valuable contribution to the festival, with the aim of raising public awareness on the subject of the mountain as a common heritage and a source of water of vital importance: the writers, Jon Stefansson, Rachel Joyce, Marcello Fois, Sebastiano Vassalli, Andrea Vitali, Roberto Bui (Wu Ming 1), the director Amos Gitani; the musicians Fanfara Taurinense, Yo Yo Mundi, Band di Piazza di Caricamento, Luciano Pompilio; the landscape architect Michael Jakob; the art historian Philippe Daverio; the photographers Lorenzo Di Nozzi, Claude Marthaler; and the actor David Riondino. continue reading 


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