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Green Meetings: IMEX Frankfurt 2013 promotes sustainable practices


Logo Lago Maggiore Meeting IndustryIMEX is a key appointment for travel and meeting industry.

During the organization of the 2013 edition, which is going to take place from 21 to 23 may in Frankfurt, special attention has been devoted to the promotion of green practices in the meeting industry.
IMEX encourages environmental and social responsibility through the Green Team: a selection of projects committed to sustainability.
Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry is going to participate to IMEX with a 20 square meters stand.

Thanks to the adoption of several measures to promote sustainability in the local meeting industry, LMMI has been selected for the Green Team.

But which are the main requirements in order to be acknowledged as a green meeting operator?

First of all, the candidates are asked to complete 3 among the following tasks:
– asking clients if they are interested in learning about sustainable aspects or option related to meetings’ organization – thus amplifying the knowledge about Green Meetings;
– providing informational materials in digital format instead of printing brochures;
– recycling and reuse all the left over printed materials;
– adopting at least one additional sustainable option during IMEX, choosing among: the use of renewable energies, the use of re-usable carpet (or no carpet), the reuse of the stand.
LMMI has neatly adopted these requirements, which are fully in line with the overall approach of the project.

All the operators involved in LMMI, indeed, have adhered to a code implying the choice of green practices: reduction of waste and recycling, emissions abatement, promotion of sustainable culture among enterprises.
Thanks to this approach, Lago Maggiore is increasing the territory’s touristic appeal while maintaining high environmental protection standards.
LMMI will bring to IMEX the proof that a successful meeting industry can grow and develop a positive relation with the surrounding district by choosing a sustainable approach.


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