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Serate di Gola 2013: when gastronomy meets hospitality


serate di gola-page-001It will be a tasty summer on Lake Maggiore.

People who love to know a place through its flavors will be delighted with “Serate di Gola“: a series of events dedicated to territory’s typical products.

From goat cheese to bresaola, from local wines to honey, this initiative consists in 13 different dinners which are going to take place in beautiful structures of the area.

Each dinner is an occasion to see a different part of the territory and to try special products.

Serate di Gola promotes the local economy and producers, giving to tourists the opportunity to explore less-known places and to get a different experience of Lago Maggiore.

That’s why the events’ organizers have decided to develop it involving not big hotels and resorts, but agritourisms and small structures located on the mountain.

In most of the 13 evenings, the participants can decide to spend their night in these fascinating locations. Mostly familiy-driven, these are the right places to experience the warmth of hospitality and to relax in the middle of the nature.

“Serate di Gola” arises from the collaboration between many subjects, coordinated by the Chamber of Commerce, and aims to promote both the territory’s gastronomy and hospitality.

During each dinner it will be possible to get information about the production processes of typical food.

“Serate di Gola” thus becomes the perfect occasion to know Lago Maggiore territory from its local traditions, tasting its products and explore its hidden beauty.

Download the complete programme with the menu of each event Serate di Gola Programme


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