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How to improve performances thanks to Team Building

Businessmen Playing Football on BeachWhich is the difference between a successful company and an unsuccessful one? Very often is not only a matter of business strategies: it depends strongly from employees well-being and human relations among people working on the same project.
When people are motivated and enjoy their work, they reach better results with less efforts. On the contrary, when the workplace is perceived as an unpleasant ambiance, with poor connection among workers, targets are hardly fulfilled and negativity rises.
That’s why team building can make the difference: promoting solidarity and creating strong bonds among people, it allows successful teamwork and thus contributes to improve the enterprise’s performances.
Although many companies had undertaken recurring team building initiatives, there is still a need to spread the benefits of this important instrument. Companies should consider team building as an important side of professional training and should include it in a long term strategy to improve the employees’ professional capacities.
The advantageous outcomes of an approach including team building are evident: when people collaborate successfully, stress is reduced and the general company’s framework becomes much more positive and productive.
That is why, despite economical crisis, team bulging can be considered a safe investment for every company.
Together with many locations to hold meetings and events, Lago Maggiore also provides the perfect place to organize a team building session.
acpLago Maggiore Aquadventure Park offers several activities and a well-prepared staff. Thanks to a wide range of proposals, it allows to reach team building main objectives: to share experiences, to face challenges together and to behave as a part of a team.
While enjoying open air activities  – from sailing trips to horse riding, from canyoning to climbing – in the wonderful Lago Maggiore background, employees can thus develop trust and create stronger relations with their colleagues.
Away from the workplace, people working in the same enterprise will learn to appreciate the boss’ funny side, or the colleague’s creativity. And back to the office, they will put a renewed energy in the common objectives fulfillment.


New tourism trends: the rise of responsible tourism

borromeesTourism is the world’s bigger industry: in 2012, for the first time, the number of international tourist arrivals surpassed 1 billion and it is expected to grow sharply in next years. In this context, luckily, a strong demand for sustainable and responsible tourism is developing. According to a recent study by CREST (Center for Responsible Travel), the economical crisis has played an important role in catalyzing the attention of people towards sustainable behavior. Sustainability is becoming “a way of life” for an increasing number of people in developed countries. But which are the main trends of responsible tourism? – A conscientious traveler pays more attention on experiences than on consumption: this trend has led to the growth of “experiential tourism”, which implies the contact with local culture, art and natural heritage. – Need to connect with nature: since 2010, more of half of the world population is living in cities. This has led to a new trend: people are looking for a different tourism, closer to nature. Urban workers prefer to spend their free time in a remarkable environment instead to visit big cities. – Demand for eco-friendly destinations has become a priority for over 30% of travelers. These trends call for the tourist sector to become greener and to preserve the territory’s natural richness. This is not only an exigence, but also an opportunity: by adopting a sustainable pattern, hotel owners and tourist agencies can attract a wider and more conscious range of people. As regarding the meeting industry, for instance, a recent study claims that more than 51% of meeting planners will choose only sustainable venues, and the 75% of them is asking for green initiatives to be held during their meetings. Last but not least, to promote ecotourism means to benefit the local economy: according to a United Nation Study, sustainable tourism can return 95% of revenues to the local economy, compared to only about 20% of all-inclusive tours. Lago Maggiore represents a good example of this strategy: combining ecological consciousness with high level standards, it provides a unique, authentically green experience.

Serate di Gola 2013: when gastronomy meets hospitality

serate di gola-page-001It will be a tasty summer on Lake Maggiore.

People who love to know a place through its flavors will be delighted with “Serate di Gola“: a series of events dedicated to territory’s typical products.

From goat cheese to bresaola, from local wines to honey, this initiative consists in 13 different dinners which are going to take place in beautiful structures of the area.

Each dinner is an occasion to see a different part of the territory and to try special products.

Serate di Gola promotes the local economy and producers, giving to tourists the opportunity to explore less-known places and to get a different experience of Lago Maggiore.

That’s why the events’ organizers have decided to develop it involving not big hotels and resorts, but agritourisms and small structures located on the mountain.

In most of the 13 evenings, the participants can decide to spend their night in these fascinating locations. Mostly familiy-driven, these are the right places to experience the warmth of hospitality and to relax in the middle of the nature.

“Serate di Gola” arises from the collaboration between many subjects, coordinated by the Chamber of Commerce, and aims to promote both the territory’s gastronomy and hospitality.

During each dinner it will be possible to get information about the production processes of typical food.

“Serate di Gola” thus becomes the perfect occasion to know Lago Maggiore territory from its local traditions, tasting its products and explore its hidden beauty.

Download the complete programme with the menu of each event Serate di Gola Programme

18-20 April 2013 Environmental values at the core of EDUCATIONAL event organized by LAGO MAGGIORE MEETING INDUSTRY

golfo borromeoFrom the 18th to the 20th of April, Italian operators in the MICE sector are invited to a special event where they can enjoy a ‘taste’ of Green Meeting, the first ‘sustainable’ conference destination on the Italian and Swiss market. This educational event connected to Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry is organized by Verbania’s Chamber of Commerce in close collaboration with the Varese Convention & Visitors Bureau. This educational event has an important significance for the region and for the companies invited, an opportunity to savor the beauty of the area, but especially to experience first-hand the opportunities that the destination can offer to the Italian and international meetings industry. At the core of the program is the workshop on Friday morning at the Ville Ponti Congress Centre in Varese, to which are invited not only buyers but also exhibitors, who will also have an opportunity to meet again at the gala dinner to be held at the Rocca Borromeo in Angera. The initiative is promoted as part of a cross-border cooperative project between Italy and Switzerland called “Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry: Green Meeting by the blue-waters’ lake” involving the tourism promotion associations of the area overlooking Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta, Novara and the territories of Varese and Locarno. The goal of the project is to form a chain of operators, adhering to a code of conduct based on international best practices, in order to ensure the end customer an environmentally-friendly event based on three principles: sustainable event management; innovation and seeking new, quality solutions that adhere to the “green meeting” model; partnership or a commitment to develop a network of professional products and services geared to sustainability. And, to make the experience even more sustainable, suppliers of the various services for the educational event – from hotels to restaurants to transportation – have been asked to use local products at 0 km, avoid the use of disposable materials, and take care to avoid waste. Even the paper material used for the educational program is FSC-certified paper. Among the leisure activities planned, guests – led by a qualified Cycle-guide – will tour with pedal-assisted bicycles along Lake Varese, as an alternative in case of bad weather they will enjoy a guided tour of Villa Panza and its contemporary art collection.

 Ville Ponti focuses on environmental values. A jewel nestled within the luxuriant green of a centuries-old park, the Ville Ponti Congress Centre, which allows visitors to fully experience the opportunities made available through the culture of ‘green’ management, is almost a “conditio sine qua non“. A challenge for Chamber of Commerce special agency, Promovarese, is the management of this impressive complex of three buildings from different eras – Villa Andrea, Villa Napoleonica and the Sellerie – surrounded by a 56-thousand-square-meter park containing a multitude of rare plant species. There are no less than 23 conference rooms, one of which can accommodate up to 400 people. The facilities are easily accessible and also extremely attractive for their prestige and versatility, with the latest technology and quality services on offer. The entire conference center is adapted to the principles of environmentally sound management, with particular attention to conference and post-conference activities. Their adherence to Lago Maggiore Green Meeting’s code of conduct ensures the full and complete application of these principles, from using local seasonal products and local services to putting into practice water and energy conservation measures, to the sound management of waste and the use of rechargeable, electric motor vehicles for transport. This is a management that focuses on “green” and which aims to be at the industry forefront, combining the best use of the tools of technological development with the goals of respect for and enhancement of the environment.

Introducing Val Grande National Park, the Largest Wilderness Area in Italy


Val Grande: the largest wilderness area in Italy, but also an outdoor museum of the ancient civilization of the Alps.

The largest Wilderness Area of the Alps (about 15.000 hectares) enclosed between Lake Maggiore and Ossola Valleys became a national park in 1992.
The European Wilderness Association declared Val Grande as the only area in Europe that completely maintains original environmental properties.
In Val Grande let’s find high mountains, alpine lakes and smaller valleys but also challenging paths and shelters used for housing or stabling in the past and now as accomodation to hikers. Nowadays villagers and pastures leave their place to wild nature (several are the plant and tree types there) and animals (i.e. chamoises, roes, deers, foxes and eagles). continue reading

Green Meeting Industry, an instrument to develop sustainable local economies

lagoCan a successful Meeting Industry boost a territory’s economy and promote a more sustainable model of development?

Yes, when it is accompanied by a strong system of public and private partnerships.

The example of Lake Maggiore Meeting Industry, which provides a complete range of meeting facilities and conference locations, demonstrates that green economy and business can walk hand in the hand.

By offering a wide selection of services and reliable green credentials, the local meeting industry is attracting a qualified public composed by people interested in values such as sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

This is exactly the kind of people who are likely to appreciate the natural assets of this corner of Italy and to prolong their business stay or, alternatively, to return to visit the area more in depth.

A win win game

The positive relationship between meeting industry and sustainable tourism is a perfect example of win win game.

On one hand, conferences and events can attract a large amount of people and make them discover the touristic attractiveness of this location.

On the other hand, the choice of a green model of meeting industry can promote the spread of a different culture among tourist operators and public administrations. This positive circle creates a more harmonious model of development, bringing positive outcomes to local stakeholders.

Restaurants, hotels and resorts that chose to be involved in this project can thus benefit from an augmented touristic flow.

Unlike mass tourism, sustainable tourism appraises the natural richness of a territory and preserves it. It promotes eco-friendly policies in the field of transportation, in the supply chain and in waste management.

And, last but not least, it fosters local culture and food, avoiding the risk of uniformity.

Lake Maggiore thus represents a perfect example of a successful integration between growth and sustainability.

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