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Lago Maggiore: the right place to hold a green marriage


green marriageGreen marriages are becoming increasingly popular. For many couples, the marriage is not only the moment to state a promise: is also the occasion to share with family and friends the values of sustainability and social responsibility. Many aspects are involved in the organization of a low impact marriage: from the dress’ choice to the send of invitations, from the buffet to the guests accommodation. Today brides and grooms can choose their sustainable dress between many qualified stylists: unlike the past, green clothing is not only “good” but also fashionable. As regards to invitations, the internet offers the opportunity to save paper, but there are also more traditional solutions available: for instance, recycled invitations written with non polluting soya ink. The most complicated part in the organization of a green marriage appears to be the choice of a location suitable to hold a low impact reception. Lago Maggiore can provide a remarkable selection of hotels and residences committed to sustainability. To chose one of the structures adhering to Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry means to receive qualified support from experts in green events’ management. After all, to organize a marriage is not so different to organize a meeting or a seminar: in both cases, it is necessary to enter into details to obtain a successful event. Hotel managers of Lago Maggiore Meeting industry can provide great locations, both for small or big receptions. In the wonderful outlook of Lago Maggiore, guests can take advantage of the beauty of the territory and of its cultural resources. Last but not least, they can benefit from the unquestionable quality and authenticity of the local food tradition. Why consider Lago Maggiore just a place to hold meetings, when it can be the place to host wonderful sustainable marriages?

Many Wedding Ceremonies and Parties scheduled on the Lake Maggiore shores.

So often, international Spouses choice the Lake Maggiore for their unforgettable Wedding Ceremony and Reception.
Many nice churches are available for wedding near Verbania. The nearest one is San Leonardo in Pallanza which is reachable by walk from the hotel. Other gorgeous solutions are the church of San Remigio on the hill over Pallanza or La Trinità in Ghiffa.
For Wedding Couples who prefer to enjoy the lake, we could organize the ceremony in the characteristic church on the Isola dei Pescatori. Boat transfer from the Hotel’s private garden.
In the town of Verbania, only 3 locations are available for a formal wedding. That means:

the town hall in the town’s main square and inside an ancient building overlooking the lake. Walking distance from the hotel

the Villa Giulia; a public Liberty style villa with a gorgeous garden directly on the lake shores. Only 300 meters from the hotel

the Villa San Remigio; an historical palace located in a panoramic position on the hill named La Castagnola, just behind the hotel and the town center. Car/van transfers to be scheduled.

Otherwise you could get legally married in the town hall in the morning or the day before and repeat a symbolic ceremony (with the Major) later in the hotel. Details and costs on

A symbolic ceremony could take place also in one of our elegant ballrooms as well as in our private garden.

The party
Then afterwards the party could go ahead with toasting, aperitifs and receptions in one of the local world renown Grand Hotels or inside an exclusive selection of private villas available for these purposes.

Wedding lunch or dinner at the highest standard level in so romantic venues followed by dance and music sessions.

At the end, a romantic overnight in elegant and comfortable rooms or suites, either for the Spouses and for the Invitees.

Extra services available:

Wedding coordinator on site.

Flower decoration and setup

Hairstylist and Make-up directly in the hotel

Car or boat transfers

Airport pick-ups and transfers

Music services

Special cars rental


Fireworks performances


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