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Sustainability and meeting industry: beyond a low impact choice



Low impact is an approach increasingly adopted in organizing meeting and events.

For a green oriented enterprise, indeed, is very important to exploit these occasions to show up – in a concrete way – the commitment to a more sustainable model.

From internal meetings and training courses to initiatives aimed to involve clients or partners, the request for environmentally friendly locations and structures is quickly growing.

Enterprises are becoming more exigent about the smaller organizational details and the meeting industry is developing a suitable answer to these requests.

Among the measures aimed to reduce events’ impact, the more widespread are the following:

–   to use recycled paper folders and materials;

–   to chose zero distance food and beverage;

–   to opt for energy saving buildings;

–   to check the availability of shared or public transport.

Related to these needs a green supply chain for environmentally friendly events is developing, involving not only the meeting structures but also the surrounding area.

This new situation creates a great opportunity of widespread sustainable development.

When the meeting industry is able to connect virtuously with the territory, a positive circle can be created: a well structured meeting industry can bring visitors to a district, and a green approach can provide economical opportunities without compromising the area’s natural balance.

That is exactly the Lake Maggiore Meeting Industry business model: to offer a high performance service which is not endangering the environment.

In this view, sustainability is not an optional but the core of a well defined strategy.

Lake Maggiore Meeting Industry promotes, in the whole area, a more sustainable approach to economic development: the scope, thus, is not only to promote low impact conferences and events, but to enhance and preserve the quality of local environment.

Recognizing that the attractiveness of the territory is an added value to every business is the first step to develop a comprehensive strategy and to boost, at the same time, local environment and meeting industry.


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